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Users can access vidyāt functionality at the following links (or search for the word vidyāt in the app stores). The generic vidyāt app have all the collections, and the private label apps have individualized content :

Links to the iOS Apps: ArshaBodhaJayaram, KrithisRavi and vidyāt

Links to the Android Apps: ArshaBodha, Jayaram, KrithisRavi and vidyāt

vidyāt web access (desktop or mobile)

Curators can find the curator interface at the link below. Note the Collection Administrator needs to have set you up as a Curator.

What is vidyāt?

vidyāt (Sanskrit for "let it be known") is a system to allow users to use an app or a browser to conveniently consume content consisting of one or more of audio, text and image files. The content consists of different Collections, each of which consists of a number of Books, which in turn consist of multiple Chapters each containing multiple Verses. The curation of the content is distributed to the different Collection Administrators and they in turn delegate authority to one or more Curators to curate each book.  In some cases we build custom 'single collection' apps.

While the above description talked of Books, Chapters and Verses, this simply reflects the nature of the organization. The actual content could consist of anything organized in a similar fashion, for instance it could be a music artist, their albums and songs.

Our focus is on the substance of the content. To this end, most content you are likely to find on vidyāt consists of an mp3 file, text with simple formatting and grayscale images. While some Collections may choose to upload PDFs providing richer content, our philosophy is to keep the channel between the author and the user uncluttered. For this reason we do deliberately eschew any social media integration. Further, the vidyāt system does not support advertisements of any sort.

User's can access a FAQ for any Book and ask their own questions (if the Curator of a Book has chosen to enable this feature). The questions are delivered to the Curator who can choose to provide an answer (if the user included an email for answers), and can further choose to include the question and the answer in the Book's FAQ.

vidyāt for Users

Users can consume content using the freely available apps which can be found in the iOS or Android app stores or they can use their desktop or mobile browser to access the content (see Quick Links at the top of this page). The apps are more full featured, and once a specific Verse or Chapter is downloaded, all further functionally can be off-line. Content can be easily deleted if not needed further. The app automatically bookmarks the last point in each Book, and also has a global app-wide bookmark. We strongly recommend users use the app version.

vidyāt for Curators

Curators who have been set up by a Collection Administrator as a Curator for a specific Book can log into the Curator interface at a web based interface (see Quick Links at the top of the this page). A Curator can make changes (add/delete/modify) and once they are satisfied can committ the changes by using the publish feature. We expect that Curators would have had a brief tutorial on using the Curator interface.

About vidyāt

vidyāt was developed by the Maya.Ninja LLC team which also maintains the system. The system is free to use, and is intended for non-commercial use. Please contact us if you have any questions about the system.